Saturday, March 24, 2012

Oh no, how do I resist?

I had previously written about my stationery addiction, one I've been good about resisting (thank goodness due to our limited storage space). But I recently discovered a site that is putting me to the test!

The site is lost crates and they specialize in unusual finds in several categories: Eco, Housewares, Foodie, Found In ____, Jack's Picks and my personal favorite, Stationery. Sigh....

You can sign up for "crates" to be mailed to you monthly or quarterly at a set price. You never know what will arrive, surprise gifts in every shipment. Oh my! How tempting....

Subscriptions not for you? They have a regular store for each category. I took a peek at the Stationery store....journals, notepads, pens and more. All stylish but useful. I'm trying HARD to resist. I am, honest!

Their blog is a nice mix of merchandise (theirs and others), general topics and inspiring photos. Definitely added to my list of daily reads.

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