Thursday, August 28, 2014

Leaving on a jet plane...

Heading out today...4 hour drive from Cuenca to Guayaquil, plane leaves close to midnight, arrive in Miami around 4am. Work our way through customs, pick up our rental car and get outta Miami quickly! Breakfast stop, then arrive in Vero Beach around 10-11ish. Two days with family before driving back to TN.

Sorry for missing so many scheduled posts but it looks like mid-September before I get back on track. Write 0n!!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Motivation Monday: Anger

We've all done it. Nursed a grudge. Harbored ill feelings towards someone for how they've treated us. Thought about revenge.

The first time I read this quote I was stunned at how true it was. It has taught me to let things go. The person you are angry with couldn't care less about your feelings, they already demonstrated that. Time to let it go, for your emotional and mental health. You'll feel much better.

Have you ever faced this dilemma? How did you handle it. Did you keep your anger, nursing it hotter and hotter or did you let it go? How did you feel?

Saturday, August 23, 2014

I'm not missing - honest!

I know, I've missed several posts but we've been busy. First, I was editing "Not a Whisper" getting it ready for the sale (see below). Then we've been doubly busy getting ready to head to the US late next week. SO much to do! Trying to figure out what needs to go back to the US with us, buying gifts for family and close friends. Making a list of what I need to pack for the Writers' Police Academy.
Working on the schedule of sessions I want to take - I'm doing a driving simulation, as well as being on a team of forensic investigators for a murder. Fun!!

But I can't forget the big news, the first book in my Klondike Mystery Series is ON SALE! Here is the sale schedule:

August 23, 2014 at  8:00 AM (PST)  20h     $1.99 61%
August 24, 2014 at  4:00 AM (PST)  20h     $2.99 41%
August 25, 2014 at 12:00 AM (PST) 20h       $3.99 21%
August 25, 2014 at  8:00 PM (PST)  Original list price $4.99

Oh, you don't have to have a Kindle to read the book - check out the Kindle Reading apps for your PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet.

Be sure to tell your friends about the sale - get it before it's back to full price!

In closing, I hate to say it but I don't think I'll be back on a regular schedule till the middle of September. Keep checking by!!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Motivation Monday: Living Life

The one thing that my husband left me, the one thing that stood out as he fought cancer for three years - his love of life. In his honor, my favorite quote is "Life is for the Living."

It's easy to get wrapped up in the minutia of day to day life, but are we really living? When is the last time you stopped to look around you, be it in a city or a country road? Stop, look, listen and breathe deeply. Life is for the living...

Friday, August 15, 2014

Celebrate the Small Things: Talented

As part of my new initiative for my blog posts, I have joined VikLit's Celebrate the Small Things - something to post on Fridays.

I may post something about writing, something personal, something random or even all the above.

Or if I have a REALLY off week, I might just post a photo. ;)

New Cover Coming for Not a Whisper
Klondike, PA - a small town with big secrets
I am so grateful that my talented cover designer, Elizabeth Mackey of Elizabeth Mackey Graphics, could take my ramblings and translate them into this gorgeous book cover. Looking forward to the cover she produces for Barely a Spark! Definitely cause for celebration this week!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Flash Fiction Featured

I love writing Flash Fiction but it's not always easy. Two of my favorite prompt sites are Lillie McFerrin's Five Sentence Fiction and Angela Goff's Visual Dare. Both provide a photo as well as the word prompt but I often search for my own inspiration.

I've written quite a few in the last three years, some definitely better than others. My first A to Z challenge writing was compiled into a FREE book.

Some beg to be expanded, others not. But here are
some of my favorites from the past:
And a personal favorite: Devotion [5 Sentence Fiction]

Monday, August 11, 2014

Motivation Monday: Drama


This goes hand in hand with my new favorite quote: "Not my circus, Not my monkeys", reportedly an old Polish proverb. We would all do well to remember both of these!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Celebrate the Small Things: Education

As part of my new initiative for my blog posts, I have joined VikLit's Celebrate the Small Things - something to post on Fridays.

I may post something about writing, something personal, something random or even all the above.

Or if I have a REALLY off week, I might just post a photo. ;)

I've had a REALLY good week this week and have several things to celebrate. See my happy face?

  1. I've finally started work on book three in my Klondike Mystery series, "Almost a Touch". The characters are talking to me and the outline notes are flowing free. Getting excited!
  2. I found software on the Mac that replaces my ancient PC version of Image Composer. I've used Image Composer since it came free with MS FrontPage back in 1997. It's been my go to software for most things graphic. Simple to use and met my basic needs. The software I now have on the Mac is Acorn and I LOVE IT! While it uses layers, it's easy and fairly intuitive. It's not free but for $30 I can now do what I need with my book covers. I'm a happy camper!
  3. I had a wonderful lunch with a dozen plus local ladies yesterday, some I've met before, some were new friends. Good good, great conversation = fun times!
  4. My final BIG NEWS is I found the website of Gwen Hernandez, author of "Scrivener for Dummies". I've had the book for several years but I use it more to find a solution to a problem so I know I'm not using it to my best advantage. The reason this is SO EXCITING is she is offering online courses in using Scrivener.

    While offered online, I can easily go through the sessions at my own pace since the lessons are downloaded. This works with my busy next couple of months. The price is reasonable at $25 per class.
I signed up for both beginners and intermediate and as soon as the class on compiling is available, I'll be signing up for that one too!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Do you like FREE?

You read it right, this weekend ONLY, my romance novel, "Home Again" is FREE at Amazon (starts 8/8 - ends 8/10).
When Chicago's city life takes its toll on single mom Sarah Davidson, she jumps at the chance to move back home, all the way to the boondocks of Kansas. Little did she know, the local Sheriff, handsome Carl Pierce, was making the same move from Tulsa. 
A tornado of events conspire against them, tamping the rising fire of passion. Can they beat the odds or will Sarah regret moving home again?
But since we are talking about FREE things, have you heard about Amazon's Kindle Unlimited? If you already have Amazon Prime, then you know you can borrow one book at time for free if that book is in the Kindle Select program. Now Amazon has introduced Kindle Unlimited where you can choose from over 600,000 titles to read for $9.99 a month. If you read several books a month, it might be worth it to check it out with the free 30 day trial. [program details here

So, for Amazon Prime members and Kindle Unlimited members, you can read all three of my novels for free. Okay, not really free but part of your membership. ;)

Worried because you don't have a Kindle? No problem, download one of their free Kindle reader apps!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

#IWSG for August - CONCERNED

Another month has passed and it's time for a new IWSG post. Once again so much has happened that it's all a blur, most of it personal stuff, not much writing related at all.

I have been very productive personally but not professionally so the theme for this month's Insecure Writer's Support Group is CONCERNED.

I really like my new MacBook Pro but I am still getting used to different software in addition to the OS. I have contacted Scrivener about moving the software from my PC to the Mac and will do that this week. For now I'm trying to use Evernote more and individual text files less. We'll see how that works out.

So why a I concerned? It's been a year since I worked on my last Klondike Mystery book, "Barely a Spark". This week I have started to work on book three, "Almost a Touch". I'd like to get the first draft done this month but since we are traveling to the US the end of the month, I fear it will stretch out to the end of September.

My concern is getting back in touch with my characters and hoping they will still talk to me. Sigh...they may like their long vacation! Have you ever been away from your writing for a long period and been concerned about getting back into the swing of things?

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Nomad Plus: The battery upgrade for your Apple charger

Just had to pre-order this!!

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Monday, August 4, 2014

Motivation Monday: Travel

I admit it, I have an issue with this. It's very hard for me to be spontaneous. I'm a planner, but once I have my plans then I'm ready to go! I try to relax and go without plans but it never seems to work.

I do much better with the second part of this, not being intent on arriving. Once traveling I can just go with the flow - for the most part. LOL!

What about you? Can you pick up and go on a trip without planning? How do you translate this to your daily life?

Saturday, August 2, 2014

REJECTION - #SaturdayScenes #SSFlashFiction #SSDBMcNicol

This is my post for #SaturdayScenes.
I hope you enjoy it and will come back next week for another #SSFlashFiction tale!

photo source
“Listen to me! It’s not going to work.” He tossed one last retort over his shoulder before slamming the front door, “I’m done!”

Sheila ignored his outburst and continued painting; transferring her emotions onto the canvas. Reality faded as the colors accumulated on her self portrait. Minutes rolled into hours before she was satisfied. The painting was done. She set the brush back on the table beside her and proclaimed to the empty room, “This is who I am, accept or reject me.”

Her neck cracked as she stood and stretched, realizing how late the hour and the fact she hadn’t eaten all day. On her way to the kitchen she caught a glimpse of herself in the hall mirror. A pale, colorless, and cracked visage peered back at her and she whispered again, “This is who I am, accept or reject me but don’t judge me.”

Friday, August 1, 2014

Celebrate the Small Things: Conversion

As part of my new initiative for my blog posts, I have joined VikLit's Celebrate the Small Things - something to post on Fridays.

I may post something about writing, something personal, something random or even all the above.

Or if I have a REALLY off week, I might just post a photo. ;)
  1. My conversion from PC to Mac has been relatively painless! Yippee!! I think I have all my files moved over, I have found replacement software (for the most part) for my favorite programs and am working on getting my backup software, Carbonite, transferred. Then I have to get my Scrivener subscription (available for both PC and Mac) transferred.

    Some of the new software I have installed (some free, some not):
    • Apimac Notebook - helps replace my old Jarte editor as well as being a basic HTML editor which replaces my Araneae and also stores a lot of snippets I reuse that were stored in ClipCache Pro
    • Tincta - a better text editor than the native one on the Mac, at least to me
    • CopyLess Lite - clipboard extender to replace the basic functions of ClipCache Pro, working well but I may opt for the pay version
    • Classic FTP - works well so far, haven't had to use it a lot so not sure if I will move to the pay version
    • Image Bucket Pro - allows me to do batch file resizing and other image manipulation, still learning
    • Image Well - not liking this at all, thinking it's getting trashed since I think I can do most of what I need with the native Preview and Image Bucket Pro
    • Chrome - sorry, not a fan of Safari, plus this brought all my bookmarks and add-ons over
    • Sunrise - we are in LOVE with this calendar software that syncs perfectly with my Google calendar as well as my iPad
    • Thunderbird - I tried the native mail software but just not a fan since I have multiple accounts and personalities, just copied and moved my profile, worked great!
  2. Got both our HP InkJet and new Brother Laser printer set up and working. We can print color, scan and copy on the Inkjet and print black, double-sided on the laser. Happy campers!
  3. Have had two wonderful outings with friends, old and new. The first was to Valley Farm Butchers in neighboring town Paute last Saturday. The second was to La Yunta, sort of an Ecuadorian Cracker Barrel. Haven't uploaded photos yet except for two planters I got on our stop at a wonderful nursery. We had been to both the small in-town store as well as the larger original but this trip we stopped at a gorgeous nursery first before visiting the original store. On both outings we had delicious meals! The cost? Valley Farm was $15 per person and La Yunta was $12 - this included our transportation as well as our meal (and drinks at La Yunta). WONDERFUL times!

    Here are the two planters - $14 total, one in a clay dish and one in a glass bowl. Love them!!
Next week my hubby is doing another furniture workshop so I plan on starting in on the third Klondike Mystery book, Almost a Touch. I keep getting emails from readers wondering when it will be out! (Thank the way.)