Monday, March 5, 2018

It's Official! #AtoZChallenge

It's official - I joined the master list today for the 2018 A to Z Challenge. Phew! Excited and terrified. I haven't written any flash fiction in four or five years.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

The Annual Dilemma - #AtoZChallenge

It's that time of year again. Time to make a decision on whether I will participate in the annual April A to Z Challenge. I've done it several times, last year I did it based upon the travels we have taken [selections from my personal blog].

I had planned on taking at least a six month hiatus from writing, time to catch up on some reading (my Kindle is so full I can't download any new books!).

So why am I considering doing this again? Flash fiction - I loved writing it and I miss it. It was were I started my current writing journey and I feel a need to write more of it.

Now the challenge is to choose MY challenge. A theme isn't required but I find I do better with one. My first April A to Z Challenge was flash fiction. I used a theme of A to Z in 10 by 10 and all my stories are now published on Amazon under that title.

 BOOK: A to Z in 10 by 10

26 letters in the alphabet provide the start of 26 flash fiction stories. Each story was written based upon a word and a photo used for inspiration. That's the A to Z.
The 10 by 10 refers to the story length. Each story was written in no more than ten sentences but with a minimum of 100 words (10x10=100).
Some tell a sweet tale, some have unexpected twists, some leaving you wanting more and some, well that's up to you!
I don't think I want to be quite as restrictive this time but I do want to keep each story short. And how do I chose my words? Previously, I just wrote down the first word that came to mind and wrote a story using it. Last year it was all about the places we have traveled to and visited.

I'll have to think on to suggestions, thoughts and ideas!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

New Book, Launch Party, & Giveaways!

Mark your calendars for February 20th - that's the launch day for all the above new Lei Crime Kindle World books, including mine, Paradise Drift. The launch party will be on Facebook and party prizes will be randomly selected from those who post comments on the posts. [Note: you will have 24 hours to post, so no excuses about work!]

In addition, I will randomly select one person from those who comments on my posts for this handcrafted gift (no, not made by me).
The most common sea turtle species in Hawaii is by far the Hawaiian green sea turtle (honu). They are regularly found resting under underwater ledges, basking on beaches, and nibbling on algae in shallow waters. The average shell length of an adult honu is 3-4 feet and they weigh ~250 pounds, but they can grow to a weight of 500 4-5 feet long and weighs 250 pounds, although they can grow as large as 500 pounds.
A little more about the prize:
Handcrafted 100% in The Copper State (Arizona USA) with attention given to every detail. Many are brought to life with bends and creases to the designs. No two are exactly the same as inherent ingredients in the copper along with the verdigris application technique and local desert weather conditions all play a part in creating the unique patina of each ornament. Not just for Christmas trees, these artful copper creations command instant attention and add panache to any space year-round! Measures 5.25 x 3.75 less hanger. Bonus: Mini suction cup included!

Just a few ideas:
   • Hang on a window or mirror with a suction cup
   • Use as a unique napkin ring gift for dinner guests
   • Drape one over the neck of a wine bottle
   • Gift wrap accent
   • Candle accent

A little excerpt from my upcoming novella, Paradise Drift:
Their conversations were interrupted by a massive explosion sending a fireball high up in the night sky, lighting the surrounding area. Even as far away as they were, the inevitable concussion was overwhelming.
Everyone looked up when Peter approached. “I’m sorry guys. I just called the Coast Guard. Captain Leach isn’t answering the phone.” He put his arm around Bobbi. “I’m so sorry, sweetie.”
She gulped and nodded. “It’s okay. He got away on the inflatable. He just forgot the sat phone. He’s okay,” she kept repeating. “He’s okay, I know it.”
Angeline seemed to finally realize what this all meant. “My Arty? Where’s my Arty?” She collapsed onto the sand crying as everyone looked on helplessly, already consumed in comforting each other.
An early reader review:
"I loved it! Your use of the main group of people & the new people was awesome! It was a mystery, romance & funny commentary all the way throughout the story."

One more chance for a special prize - help Name That Kitten & Name That Puppy in the  Lei Crime Kindle World Story, Called to Protect, by Amy Shojai, the final book in her trilogy. The two folks with winning suggestions will get an advance digital of CALLED TO PROTECT, their names in the acknowledgements, and bragging rights. CONTEST WINNER ANNOUNCED ON FRIDAY, so hurry and enter your suggestions!

Want to stay up to date with news about all the current and future Lei Crime Kindle World books? Join in the fun on Facebook, become a member the Lei Crime KW Ohana group!

Monday, January 1, 2018

Featuring a Few Friends

It's been a crazy year and to give thanks, I thought I'd share some of my favorite author book series. These are all book I have read (usually grabbing the first one and getting so hooked, I went out and bought the rest in the series). I hope you will give them a try!

So, in no particular order....

Brandon Hale: Day Soldiers (Dystopian, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, touch of horror, good for YA & up)
Joan Young: Dead Mule Swamp (Cozy mystery, humor, small town)
J.B. Lynn: The Neurotic Hitwoman (Mystery, humor, romance, sometimes gritty but always funny)
Meghan Doidge: Dowser, Oracle, Reconstructionist (Urban fantasy, some adult content, graphic)
Nick Russell: Big Lake (Mystery, Police Procedural, some adult content, some romance)
Jamie Lee Scott: Gotcha Detective Agency (Mystery, Humor)

On my list for next year are the following series:
(I have already bought most of these)

Bobbi Holmes: Haunting Danielle (Mystery, Paranormal Romance)
Paul Anlee: Deplosion (Science Fiction)
J. Michael Herron: Colors of Alaska (Romance, Mythology & Folks Tales)
C. Craig Coleman: Neuyokkasinian Arc of Empire (Fantasy, Mythology)
Nick Russell: John Lee Quarrels (Mystery, Crime, gritty)
Suzie O'Connell: Northstar Angels (Romance) & Sea Glass Cove (Romance)
Scarlet Braden: Providence in Ecuador (Mystery, Thriller, Romantic Suspense)
George Weir: Bill Travis (Mystery, Hard-boiled) & Elysium Chronicles (Mystery)
Billy Kring: Hunter Kincaid (Mystery, International Spy Thriller)
Billy Kring & George WeirFar Journey Chronicles
Minnie Crockwell: Will Travel for Trouble (Cozy Mystery, Short Reads)
Bess McBride: Train through Time, Searching for a Highlander, Fairy Tales Across Time & several others (Romance, Time Travel, Historical Romance)
Mona IngramI have read several of her stand alone romances and really enjoyed them. She has several series I plan to check out.

By the way, I have so many books downloaded to my Kindle Paperwhite that I can't download any more. So after my next novella in the Lei Crime Kindle World series is done (Paradise Drift), I am taking a break to READ!