Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Once I was lost....

I know, you thought I was lost and maybe I was, at least a little. Lost in life for sure. I've been ultra busy with daily tasks as well as spending five days at Walt Disney World with our almost 5 y/o granddaughter. I think I've recovered...LOL!

Tomorrow is moving day for the RV, from Central Florida to the east coast for a week. Another busy week lined up visiting family and riding the motorcycles. Then it's on to Maryland for two weeks of family, doctor appointments and getting packed for a month's vacation in Ecuador. Phew!

So what does this all have to do with writing? A lot because I just haven't had much spare time to write. I have been working on getting my two novels ready for print versions at Createspace (a subsidiary of Amazon). I am currently waiting for my print proof of "Home Again" and am in the process of uploading the files for "Not a Whisper". Our extremely SLOW internet connections here in central Florida haven't helped. I had really hoped to have both books in print by the end of this month but not sure I will make it. But I should have them both ready before we leave the country. ;-)

One other priority has been working on walking daily. The five days at Disney proved I was out of shape (like I really needed to be told). I committed to walking an hour every day once we got back. Well, slowly walking all day is very different than walking at a 3mph pace so not every day has been at that level. I do manage 30 minutes every morning and try for at least another 15 in the late afternoon. I even started blogging about it for anyone who'd like to join in the "fun". Hubby started a new blog where is is tracking his progress. He's been able to do the hour..guess it's that three years younger thing. [giggle]

So, that's my last several weeks in a nutshell. Oh, my current writing? Well, I have committed to writing a short story for an anthology with a group of great author friends. When that is done, I'll be tackling book two in the Klondike Mystery series, "Barely a Spark".

Oh, and before I forget, please read this great blog post about book reviews. And again, thank you to everyone who has bought, read, and/or reviewed my books! It is greatly appreciated.

Signing off for now. I'll try to check in more often...honest! ;-)