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Hi everyone, well I’m V.J. Chisholm indie author from bonnie wee Scotland.

I have to thank Donna for having me on her blog today

I’ve been a scribbler all my life and my passion for writing was most defiantly passed onto me by my nana (who could always make up the most amazing stories on the spot).

I write for an indie publishing company called Vamptasy which is an imprint of Crushing hearts and Black Butterfly’s aka CHBB - I love working with them , it’s such a great family feeling there.

Magick Weaved on a Samhain eve is my debut novella, this was my first shot at writing anything along the sizzling line – (It really come out as more of a sweet but sassy paranormal romance at the end of the day- guess my shyness got the better of me yet again , lol) so it took a while before me & my muse to get it together on this one and come up with the idea of Alexia with her wicked witchy ways. Lance took a bit more time to come to life. Despite knowing right away how I wanted him to be, I was lack any idea of what to make him look like.  Until a friend of mine was making us gals laugh (and there was a fair amount of drooling too, lol) one evening over a certain picture she had posted on her blog of a lovely tasty male treat.

From that photo the looks and movements of Lance were born and so was Magick Weaved on Samhain Eve

Magick Weaved on a Samhain eve is about Alexia who is a lively, single, sassy and sexy coven witch yet she finds herself and her sex life (or lack of it) the hot topic of her fellow coven sisters after one of the coven's full moon meetings. Add to the mix the discovery of an old spell and Alexia’s life starts to change very quickly as a spirit named Lance appears. Combine the heat of the full moon and a hint of destiny, life will never be the same again for Alexia.

I love the team Alexia and Lance make when they clash and get together – so much so I’m currently working on the follow up to Magick Weaved.

I’ve been very lucky with this book as it just got voted to #1 on Goodreads for best short romance fiction and has been climbing in the paid kindle bestseller in the top 100 for drama British and Irish.

Here a little teaser for you all from Magick Weaved on a Samhain eve

She didn’t need to open her eyes to know that the spell had worked, as the air within the room had taken on an amazing tingling electric feeling. If that was not enough of a clue for her know that she was no longer in the room, the sudden appearance of a breath touching the back of her neck, and the feeling of a hand running over her bare shoulder sweeping her hair over to one side sure as hell did the trick.

Alexia felt like she had been burned by the touch. (There was no longer any doubt in her mind as to whether she would be able to feel her lover’s touch.) The lick and strength of heat the simple touch caused within her body shocked her so much that she would have jumped right off the bed had it not been for the arm that slipped like a snake around her waist, pinning her effectively against a well-defined and toned chest. She pushed back a little, and rubbed herself against it, reacting out of nothing more than pure instinct. 
“Stop that now, Alexia, or this first round will before over far too quickly!” a deep male voice growled and purred into her ear.

There was more than a hint of an accent in his lusty voice. It was as sexy as hell, but there were not enough of the little grey cells in Alexia’s head that were still working to work out where it was from. Goddess, what was up with her? She never melted from the barest of touches, and a few whispered words like this. This was an all consuming rush and need, and not normal for Alexia by any means. Hellfire! She didn’t even know this guy’s name yet. She was not allowed to dwell on that small fact for long.

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