Sunday, January 12, 2014

Putting myself on a deadline....

I have to, it's the only way. Honest! I mean it, really and truly. A deadline to start writing again. I have too much to write and have been to busy (and lacking motivation) for several months. On my TO WRITE list are the following:
  1. Six more short stories in my 7 Days of Seven series: I've only written the first one, Monday Midnight Madness. They are for middle school kids and I had a blast writing the first one. Time to whip the others out and get them published!
  2. Three romance stories in a trilogy: Chance, Hope and Celebration. I started the first a long time ago, have several chapters written and the other two lightly outlined. These should be a much quicker write now that I have three other novels behind me.
  3. Books three and four in my Klondike Mystery Series: Almost a Touch and Clearly a Miss. Both are roughly outlined and I have readers constantly asking me WHEN?
I know, the suspense is killing you - what is my deadline? Well, I know I have several more weeks of things to do locally so I decided to pick Valentine's Day. Easy to remember and far enough out for me to stick to it as a firm deadline. Now that's not to say I might not start sooner. My first inclination was February first but I'm afraid I might not make that.

Okay, the deadline is set but what am I actually committing to? Besides writing. I am committing to writing for at least twenty hours a week. That works out to 4 hours x 5 days a week. There might be days I'll write for 5 or 6 or more hours and I know there will be days I will be lucky to plug away for 2 or 3 hours. But 20 hours a week is the goal.

Be sure to stop in to see how I'm doing!


  1. Deadlines are good. How's it going?

    1. Writing an update, check tonight!


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