Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Surround Sound

Ear - Body Part clip artLiving here in Cuenca, Ecuador, we have a wide variety of sounds surrounding us. Many are similar to those in cities around the world but others are more unique to here. I recently wrote a blog post about those sounds and it got me to thinking about all the places I've lived and the sounds in those areas.

I've lived in good sized cities like Atlanta, Miami, Ft Lauderdale and Rochester, NY. I've lived in moderate sized cities like Columbus, GA., Dover, DE., Colorado Springs, CO. and Vero Beach, FL. But I've also lived in small towns like outside Bradford, PA. (where my Klondike Mysteries are set), Clarence, IA. (where I thought the other residents knew I was moving before I did) and Sparta, TN (and now Jamestown, TN).

Each environment has its own set of sounds. City noises, country noises and, if you are far enough out, just the sounds of nature.

What are the sounds where you live? What are you most and least favorite sounds?

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