Monday, February 8, 2016

Music, music, music!

Music - everyone loves it. Back in 2004, as a new widow, I decided to buy my first MP3 player. iPods were VERY expensive so I picked up some off brand at Walmart, not sure how much I would even use it. I remember calling my son to ask where and how to get MP3s to play. Eventually I figured it out and even discovered some indie artists that I liked, thanks to their free offerings (enticement to buy more from them).

It wasn't long after that I made the decision to get an iPod Nano. It was a first generation one but I really liked the earphones on a hanger, great for walking. That little Nano has lasted me since 2005 but recently I've noticed the battery life waning, often finding it discharged (when I was sure I had turned it off) when I need it.

Many are moving to music on their phones but I prefer the small size of the Nano. Fortunately, for me, Apple hasn't completely phased out their iPod line. I compared prices at Amazon and found the pretty much the same price. BUT, on the Apple site, I could get my new iPod in RED. Woot!! Added bonus was free engraving on the back so I opted to add "Carpe Diem", the same thing I have on my iPad mini.

The Nano arrived shortly after we returned from our cruise and I quickly set it up. I love the fact that it's touch since I am used to that with my iPhone 4S and iPad Mini (the old one was the swirl wheel). I fit 99% of my music on it and, most importantly, my favorite playlists.

Since I often use music when writing, I have a playlist that works for me. Mostly instrumental (so I don't sing along...LOL).
Oh, one side note - I tend to buy music from Amazon and not iTunes, when I can. Then just store it all in iTunes. Personal preference.

Do you listen to music as you work (whether writing, crafting, sewing, painting, whatever)? If so, what do you listen to?

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