Monday, March 28, 2016


Back in the day (I've always wanted to say that), we had two choices when marking our spot in a book we were reading. We could bend the corner of the page (oh, the horror!).

We could use a bookmark. Now there are bookmarks and there are BOOKmarks. I often used whatever was at hand. A torn envelope, a receipt found in the bottom of my purse, even a paper napkin.

Of course there were commercial bookmarks. I still have a few even though I rarely read a traditional book (hard or paperback). And if you were lucky to have a hardback with a paper cover, it was easy to fold in the flap as a bookmark.

I admit it, I was a bookmark collector. Souvenir stands, book stores, office supply shops - wherever there were bookmarks sold, I bought. (Yes, I still have a few favorites. Mostly souvenir and ones made by my daughter for me.) No bookmark was safe!

Then Post-it notes arrived on the scene and a new breed of bookmarks was created.

This wasn't the end of bookmarks, oh no. Ebooks did that. Well, not completely. I still drool over bookmarks when I see them but I now resist because I have no real use for them. Students still need them for text books. And there are library books, best to not turn the corners down in those books. LOL!

Got a favorite bookmark memory? What was your favorite bookmark? I have three. One is hand drawn and laminated by my daughter, one is a beautiful mountain landscape photograph of Montana and the last is a small hand-painted wooden one from Cartagena, Columbia (bought on our first cruise together).

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