Monday, April 18, 2016

Update and Ramblings

It's been a hectic couple of weeks. As I posted a month or so ago, I finished my series of seven middle grade short stories. They are now printed and hubby is doing a first draft read. Normally I would do a first edit before that but....

....I needed to get writing on my first novella, "Whispers in Paradise", for author Toby Neal's Lei Crime Kindle World. That first draft is done, printed and hubby will be doing a first draft read of that as well. Normally I would do a first edit before that but....

....I needed to get started writing "Almost a Touch", the third book in my Klondike Mystery series, for Camp NaNoWriMo. After finishing the novella, I was starting over a week late. Then life happened....

....Fatigue, back pain and too many every day chores and errands assaulted me. One biggie was moving from our rented site in the campground to our personal site (effective Feb 1st but we had renters committed till mid-April). So last Sunday we made the move! It went quite well considering we had been in one spot since mid-October! The rest of the week disappeared in a blur of getting outdoor things set up, getting pavers added to our lot to extend the usable space and buying both a propane fire pit and a small seating set.

Ah, life is good! Oh, the book? I'm in chapter three now and have done a surprising amount of research. I doubt I will get my 50k words by the end of the month but I'm willing to try!

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