Monday, June 6, 2016

How do you vacation?

As posted earlier, I've been on vacation. Many people tell us we live on vacation, but that's only partially right. We still have all the day to day things that have to be done. Plus, I need to wrangle out writing time.

So right now our vacations are cruises. We have done 5 weeks of Caribbean cruising on Carnival this year and we have another week for my birthday (new port to me, Baltimore). Then in November we are doing a short cruise to Mexico followed by a fifteen day cruise to Hawaii and back (color me VERY excited).

In January we have two weeks of back to back cruising on Carnival's newest ship, the Vista. That was the one where we were going to cruise through Mediterranean in April/May but cancelled. It's an amazing ship, probably too large for us...LOL, so we still wanted to try it. Then we have ten nights in February on Royal Caribbean, another Caribbean itinerary (good for hubby's scuba diving).

We also love to ride our motorcycle (it used to be 'motorcycles', but I finally traded mine in for the backseat of hubby's trike). But as we've aged, we discovered we are weather wimps. Too hot? Stay home. Too wet? Stay home. Too rainy? Stay home. And too cold? Yup, stay home.

What are your favorite vacations? Tent camping? A place at the beach or the lake? A foreign country? A mini-stay in a close to home retreat?

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