Wednesday, February 15, 2017

It's that time of year....

Calendar With Daily Sheets clip artEvery year it's the same thing - February and March roll around and the battle begins. And every year, when I've done my part and sent off the information to our accountant, I swear I will be more organized the next year.

Does that happen? Nope. I'm good about adding expenses to my spreadsheet until maybe the end of April, then it all goes sideways. The good news is I do have the spreadsheet I created last year and it simplifies things for our accountant. It also prompts me to be sure we have everything we need.

But I still have to print out all our credit card summaries as well as tackle my email for things that I've tagged as business expenses. When will I learn? LOL!

How do you handle this hateful part of being self-employed?

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