Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Done! Well, almost...

I'm home from our Southern Caribbean cruise (details and photos on my personal blog) and it was a huge success. I finished the first draft of my third Klondike Mystery novel, Almost a Touch. I hope to be working on edits by May.

Why not immediately? First, for non-writers, it's best to let a story sit and percolate a bit. Get it out of your brain. When you come back to edit, you will see things more clearly. For me there is a second reason.

Here's the cover....

This will be the second mystery novella in my Lei Crime Kindle World series. The first was Paradise Down. I even made some headway on writing this. I have my project set up in Scrivener, I have my characters defined and chapter one is written.

I leave on another cruise, Western Caribbean this time, in ten days. I hope to have most of the book written and will try to finish it on the cruise. I do have a deadline of May first for this to be ready for publication.

I don't know about you, but I'm excited!

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