Sunday, May 7, 2017

#atozchallenge My Look Back

Well, the challenge is over and thanks to my writing and pre-scheduling, I survived. This is my third successful A to Z and probably my last, for several reasons. But first, here are some conclusions about the event from my perspective (your mileage may vary, if you participated).
  1. I'm still not a fan of the new 'leave a comment' method of linking. For one thing, it meant I had to post every day, part of what I was trying to avoid by pre-writing and scheduling (due to my heavy schedule).
  2. I found I spent less time finding new blogs from the comments (both in Facebook and on the A to Z Challenge blog. In the first few days, I browsed and clicked. About half of what I looked at was of interest, partly because there was no standard way people were categorizing their blogs.
  3. I did comment on 6-8 blogs every day, some regulars and some new. Many never visited back to comment.
  4. I had way fewer visitors and comments posted than in previous A to Z challenges. Most were from:
    • Facebook friends who were in a support group I created for the event
    • Blogs I visited and commented on
    • The least amount were from random visitors
  5. I had fun connecting back with friends from 2012-2013 A to Z challenges. We had lost touch since I rarely use Twitter other than sending out posts from my Facebook author page. Now we are friends on Facebook and I have their blog links again.
So, while it was fun and definitely worthwhile to find old friends, I doubt I will do it again. The payback for me isn't there, this was time I could have spent working on my current WIP.

A to Z - thanks for the memories!

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