Saturday, March 2, 2019

What's Going On?

While I've been busy with many things, unfortunately, writing has not been one of them. Now it's tax time and we all know what that means. Sigh... But soon, honest! I have a rough outline for my fourth C'Mon Inn Mystery book and hope to start writing it soon.

Well, sometime. March will be a bit nuts and April will be worse with a Disney vacation for our tenth anniversary, a visit with family, then moving our RV back to Tennessee after wintering in southern Georgia.

Then toss in the April A to Z Blog Challenge. I did this last fact, I did it on both our blogs. This year I will have to skip it. Just too much on my plate to even pre-write. Double sigh...

But life is good and that's what is important, right? I hope all is well in your world and never fear, there will be new books written this year. Promise! Maybe even a prequel to the Klondike Mystery books!

P.S. Looking for more about what I've been up to? Check out my personal blog!


  1. Love hearing from you. Sure look forward to book 4!!

  2. Life being good IS what is important. I think I have resolved my A-to-Z conundrum and might actually do it again. I can't claim time as a problem, just distraction.

    Enjoy your RVing!

    1. I REALLY would like to do A-Z again but it's just not in the cards. I will try to read and comment on some of the blogs though...


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