Friday, February 17, 2012

Blogger and Word Verification [rant]

I've been on blogger for several years now...I think my first blog was started in 2006 when I considered selling my house and going full-time RVing. Initially I only allowed registered users to comment (no anonymous posters), I had to approve every comment and I used word verification.

Fast forward to three years ago, I had already decided to allow anyone to comment and with the advent of the new spam filters put into place by Google/Blogger, I also decided to no longer moderate comments (with one exception - comments on posts over 14 days old need my approval). I still used word verification.

Two years ago, or thereabouts, Google/Blogger changed the CAPTCHA they were using for word verification and it became almost impossible to discern the characters. I turned it off on all my blogs, knowing how much it frustrated me.

Now we come to the present and once again, Google/Blogger has upgraded the word verification. Now we have to enter TWO words with a mix of case and symbols. Definitely more frustrating than ever.By the way, it's not just me. I've read several blogs recently on the same topic.
I rarely get spam anymore, usually the reverse. A good comment has been marked as spam and I have to 'un-spam' it. The filters are working well. Please consider turning off word verification for your blog, you might be surprised by how many more comments you receive!


  1. Good rant and these were things I didn't know. Never to old to learn something knew, huh? :)

  2. Donna:

    I have been following your journies ever since you purchased your first RV, you had a Beemer, but I never posted a comment. But lately I noticed that our paths are crossing again, so I thought I'd make my first comment to your blog

    Riding the Wet Coast

  3. Thanks, Wendy. Glad you learned something...pass it on! :-)

    Donna K - YUP!

    BobSkoot, been following you off and on over the years. I think the last time was when I found you again on Gary France's blog list. Thanks for the comment and ride safe!!

  4. Okay since you stopped by my blog today and I know you had to go through word verification, I have since turned it off. We'll see how it goes! Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!

  5. Thanks to all who have read and turned off their word verification. Hopefully you'll see more comments.

  6. I laugh that it's even called "word" verification, because much of the time now it's just alphabet soup.

  7. I've spent the past five minutes trying to leave a comment on a friend's blog. This is the third time I've not been able to get past blogger's Word Verification system. I don't mind that they need to confirm that I'm not a robot, but the current set up is impenetrable. At least for me. I googled "blogger word verification" and landed here. Thanks for giving me a little box for my own bit of ranting. :)

  8. I've turned it off three of my blogs! :-)

  9. Mandy, send your friend a link to this article.

    Cheryl Ann & everyone else that turned off word verification...thank you! ;-)


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