Monday, October 8, 2012

November and YOU!

In order to survive NaNoWriMo, I have to schedule all my blogs in advance - or nothing would get blogged but an update or two. Last August during Camp NaNoWriMo I did 15 days of quotes, spaced out over 30 days. That worked out well but don't think you want me to repeat that so soon and I hesitate to do a 15 facts about me since I've already revealed so much in my award blogs.

This time I'm asking for some input as to what you would prefer. I won't post more than 2-3 times a week (my new normal) and I, personally, will post an update or two on my NaNoWriMo progress during the month.

What is your preferred content during November? free polls 
PS. If you're interested in contributing a guest post or author interview (including new book promo), please post in the comments.

PPS. Wondering why the frog motif lately? For those that don't know, Froggi is my nickname. ;-)


  1. I think if you're taking on the NaNo challenge, she should give yourself a break from blogging. Maybe a NaNo update or two but no pressure.

    I love the idea of NaNo but not the month. Whose idea was it to hold this think at the beginning of the holiday season?

  2. Thinking I'll be doing the modified approach...if I can get some guest posts before 11/1, I'll scatter them throughout the month. will be what it will be. LOL!

  3. This is such a great idea. Once I hit the "sign up" button today, I started freaking out about November commitments already on the books and then also about blogging. I'm going to find something I can prewrite (except for NaNo updates, which I will schedule for a certain day, once per week).

    I voted for humor-cartoons. Although I love the idea of author interviews, I wonder how many of us are going to be freaking out about NaNo and too afraid to commit to any extra writing (even if it's this month for print next month). Hmmm?

  4. may be right. I've gotten one guest post so far. I need to collect some cartoons and photos, will do a mix.

    I may write up a short interview about NaNo and see if I can get some authors to reply. Then I'll intersperse those throughout the month.


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