Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Writing madly...Madly writing

I know, I've neglected this blog for a bit but I've been busy writing. I've been working hard to finish  the first draft of "Not a Whisper", the novel I started during Camp NaNoWriMo. I'm closing in on the end now and should have it done by this weekend. Okay, so I missed the last two deadlines but honest, really, I'm almost there!

So just to continue piquing your interest, here's another short excerpt:

"Jim, thanks for taking time to talk to us." Dave Moore, Bradford Chief of Police motioned to a chair on the other side of the table. State Trooper Jamison 'Jazz' Maddox sat beside the Chief.

"No problem, Chief. What's up?" Jim stretched his legs out, not sure why he was here but ready to discuss any of his open cases. "Got an update on the fire or Tanner?" Jim sat straighter and leaned forward. "I'd sure like to know what happened to Corey, is it true he had a heart attack this morning?"

"News travels fast around here, yes it's true. We still haven't been able to interview Tanner. That brings us back to this conversation." Dave shifted uneasily in his seat. There was no easy way to do this, he was just going to have to say it.

Before he could talk, Jazz spoke, "Jim, you've been a real asset on my cases and I really appreciate your help. You and Officer Peck are to be commended for the hard work you've put in, trying to resolve the fire at the Drop Inn." He paused and watched Jim for a moment. "Now that we know it was arson, our next task is to find how who set it and why."

Sanders sat, one hand across his stomach, the other rubbing his chin reflectively. "Are there any suspects?"

Jazz nodded, "We actually have too many. Of course there is Corey Tanner but he has dropped lower on the list since he appeared to have been held against his will for the past week. We still have to fill out his time-line."

Dave added, "We aren't ruling anyone out at this point."

Jazz resumed, "And there is Jimmy Crocker. He was really ticked at Riley and the whole Harper family. He's got motive and definitely lived close enough to set it, go home and return when the alarm went out."

"I'm not really all that sure that Crocker should be on the suspect list but as I said, we're not ruling anyone out yet." Dave stared at Jim and wondered what his thoughts were right now. "Coffee anyone? I'll get it from my office."

"Black please," Jim asked.

"Same here, Dave. Thanks." Jazz turned back to Jim while Dave went to his office.

"So Jim, if I remember, you raise horses. Been doing that long?" He watched for any unusual reaction.

"Most of my life. I've downsized a lot in the last couple of years. Just kept a couple of my favorites, ones that are getting old like me. I couldn't bear to sell them."

Dave set the coffee down in front of them and tried to inject a little humor into the room, "Black and black. Hope I didn't mix them up."

Everyone chuckled and took a sip. "Rose and Cherie were right, this is the best coffee ever. I'll never let you serve me the swill in the regular pot." Jazz sipped again and went back to his conversation with Jim. "Is your place big enough to raise horses? I thought you lived close to town?" Dave waited for Jim to flinch, blink or do something to show he was nervous.

"No sir, when I was actively raising them I had some property out of town. Good acreage, great trail riding - well, except for when the ATV crowd started arriving."

Dave spoke next, "That property, it was up on the hill, in the middle of the Allegheny National Forest, right?"

"Yes sir. It's kind of run down now. My wife wants me to sell it but I keep hoping one of the kids will want it."

Dave and Jazz looked at each other. No sweat, no flinching, nothing to show any nervousness about the conversation.

Dave took a deep breath, "Jim, did you hear where we found Corey Tanner and Cherie Tucker?"

"Just up in the woods, not much else. Everyone has seemed pretty closed mouth about the location. The woods are pretty big though."

"Yes they are. The reason everyone has been quiet about the location is the reason for this talk today."

Jim cocked his head and raised an eyebrow. "Oh?"

Dave took another big breath, "Yes. They were both found tied up inside an old barn on a deserted piece of property in the woods."

Jim still didn't understand, "Really?"

Jazz went in hard, "Jim, they were found in your old barn on your old deserted horse farm. What do you know about that?"

Jim sat up straight in the chair, blinked a couple of times and looked very confused. "I had no idea. I haven't been up there for a couple of years. No reason to." He looked at Dave, "Chief, honest. I haven't been there in forever."

Dave asked bluntly, "Jim, did you have anything to do with Corey Tanner's disappearance?"


  1. You got me. "Patiently" waiting for the book to come out...

  2. The only thing I hate about reading a excerpt is just when I'm getting all settled into a good story, it ends.


  3. How anyone can do the nanowrimo thing escapes me! I am full of admiration.


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