Sunday, January 6, 2013

We chat with the Klondike Breakfast Club from 'Not a Whisper'

Today is the another in a series of interviews with some of the main characters featured in The Klondike Mystery series. The first book is "Not a Whisper" which is due out at Amazon and Smashwords soon.

Guys, hey there. Can you hold it down? Hello [whistles]. Thank you. Let's make some introductions. Pansy, would you introduce everyone please?

PANSY: Sure. To my left is Edy Wiggins and her husband, Tom. They moved to Klondike from Pittsburgh where Tom worked retired from Pittsburgh Power.

Hi Edy, Tom. Nice to meet you. What did you do before you moved here and how do you stay busy now?

TOM: I putter around our log cabin doing maintenance on things, keeping it up. I spend a lot of time walking with our dog, Mags. In my spare time I volunteer for the local wildlife group.

EDY: I work part-time for the Ranger Station during the busy season. I've done that for several years and really enjoy it. I used to do a lot more craft work, now I do it mostly during the winter. I quilt, sew, paint and make some unique Mountain Men to sell.

PANSY: Next to them is Merry Jenkins, one of my best friends.

Nice to meet you, Merry. Is that your real name or a nickname?

MERRY: My real name is Meribel but I've been called Merry since I was a kid. I've lived in this area or close to it all of my life. I've buried two husbands here and sometimes wonder if working as a hospice nurse jinxed me.

PANSY: Beside Merry are the Duncans, Jeff and Sarah. Jeff is an ER Tech at the Bradford Hospital and Sarah is a special ed teacher. They've been working on finishing their house since they moved in, let's see, six years ago?

JEFF: Okay, okay. So I'm a little slow but work gets in the way.

SARAH: Yeah, work on his pole barn for his toys.

Um, moving on, who's next, Pansy?

PANSY: Bob Rounder is our oldest member, aren't you, Bob. But you'd never know it if you saw how active he is.

BOB: You need to come by around Labor Day and check out my yard sale. I work all year to get ready for it. Everyone is welcome.

Thank you, Bob. I'll have to see if I can come by. Pansy?

PANSY: Next to him are our newest members, Mike and Marie Hilliard. They're new to Klondike. You guys want to introduce yourselves?

MIKE: Sure, we're both still working. I'm a telecommunications project manager and work on out of town projects so I tend to travel a lot.

MARIE: I work for the same company as Mike but I work online, from home, tracking the projects. I dabble in writing in my spare time. We really love it up here, the quiet natural beauty was a big draw for us.

I have to agree bout the beauty of this area, of course I haven't been here in the winter. Next?

PANSY: Here are our two single guys, Corey Tanner and Kevin Sullivan. I'll let them tell you about themselves.

COREY: Hey there, nice to meet you. I'm actually widowed, not single. I lost the love of my life, Fiona, to breast cancer. Really took me down for a few years but I'm doing better now.

KEVIN: Morning. I mostly come up to Klondike on the weekends, enjoying the quiet in my little cabin. Love coming up for hunting season. I live down in Bradford during the week.

Thanks everyone. Is there anyone from the Klondike Breakfast Club that's missing?

PANSY: We're missing our two geezers, Gary Patchett and Ed Williams. They have a cabin down the road a bit where they come to get away from their wives.

Course we still haven't mentioned our hostess, Kat Daily, the owner of the Kat's Klondike Kafe and her part-time waitress, Janie Crocker. I'd call them over but they're both busy taking care of other customers.

They're both raising families. Kat has a seventeen year old son who graduated this year. Janie has twelve year old twin boys, a sixteen year old daughter and an eighteen year old boy. Kat's husband is a long distance truck driver and Janie's husband is currently out on disability from a logging accident.

This is quite an eclectic group. How did the breakfast club start?

PANSY: It really just sort of happened. A couple of us would stop in for breakfast several times a week. We'd end up sitting at the same table, chatting and enjoying the company. We always had a good time, lots of laughs. That encouraged others to join us, we'd just move chairs and add a table if we had to.

Sounds like everyone comes from different areas and you sure cover a range of ages. Do you do other things together?

Sure. We're all active in the local volunteer fire department auxiliary. We work various volunteer activities like Stinkfest-


Yeah, the local leek festival. We help out every year. Same with the town wide yard sale in Bradford. It's always a good time.

What will become of the KBs as you inevitably age?

Who? Not us. We're not every going to grow up, are we? [group laughter]

Thanks again for taking time to talk to me. One last question, how does it feel to become part of a series of mystery books?

EVERYONE: Amazing!


  1. This was really a fun read!...and you know why! I am so anxious to read the book and learn more about your most interesting characters!!! Love it!

  2. What a blast!...and you know why! I am so excited for your new mystery to be posted!!!! Love the location...and, of course, the characters!


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