Sunday, June 2, 2013

Whirlwind Month and Updates

Sorry for not posting more, we've been swamped with family visits, my grandson's HS graduation in Kansas, moving the RV from spot to spot (still don't have the repairs done, that has now been moved to Chattanooga sometime in July) and recovering my blog.

I'm hoping that those who followed it in the past can still find it. I have moved back to Blogger from Wordpress due to a major database snafu issue. I never recovered all my pages so will rebuild the missing ones (for each individual book) over the next few weeks.

We had an amazing time in Ecuador, check it out at our blog, Ecuador Bound. The big news is that in December of this year we are going to MOVE to Ecuador! Yup, you read that right...we'll be packing up and heading south of the equator (just barely). I'll still be writing, believe it or not we found better Internet access there than we had all winter in Florida. LOL!

I'm going to try to resurrect this blog a bit - reading back over last year's posts as I recovered them, I saw comments from so many friends. Friends that I miss chatting with - it's that fine line of where you spend your time. Writing, editing, publishing, and marketing - all in the middle of living life on a day to day basis.

Tomorrow we move our RV (home) from Delaware to our property in Tennessee. Hubby is getting ready for a three+ week motorcycle trip with friends. Me? I plan to spend the time getting the first draft of Barely a Spark, book two in the Klondike Mystery Series, written. I know I can do it if I really work on it - think NaNoWriMo. ;-)

Sales of Not a Whisper, the first in the Klondike Mystery Series, are still going well. You can purchase it at Amazon in both e-book and print format as well as from Smashwords. I am currently working on getting an audio version from Audible but don't expect it will be available for a couple of months.

So what are YOUR summer plans?

PS> Please tell your friends about my new site. You can subscribe to new blog posts on the right hand side of the blog. You can also bookmark: for the website or for the blog. Thank you!!

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