Monday, November 18, 2013

Something new in the house...or soon to be in the house

Just a short note...we went to Atlanta last Friday to pick up our Ecuadorian Pensioner Visas and then spent the weekend with my youngest daughter's family. They have become an Apple house with Macs, iPads and iPad Minis galore.

Well, after much discussion between ourselves, we decided to splurge and get iPads. My hubby wanted something easier to view and to possibly eventually replace his laptop. So he opted for a 32GB iPad Air. We got it at our local Sam's Club and he also picked up a nice combination cover and Bluetooth Keyboard from Kensington. He likes the fact that the keyboard comes out for when he just wants the cover.

He's already got an iPhone 4S, so his setup was pretty easy. My iPhone is a 3G and I only use it for games right now (was under AT&T which we dropped when Verizon added the iPhone line). We both have separate AppleIDs but from what we've read we can share his for Apps, Music, etc and keep our separate ones for contacts, calendar, iCloud. Should be interesting...hopefully I can get mine set up before our cruise on Dec 1st. Then I can play with it a bit while relaxing.

We both have Kindle Fires - hubby has the first gen and I have the HD (second gen). We are thinking about giving the first gen to a friend who can really use it and keeping mine as a spare backup. Still not sure...

Writing new? Sigh...nothing new. Just not going to have any spare time until the first of the year. Keeping up with three blogs is tough enough. LOL!

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