Sunday, December 15, 2013

Where in the world am I?

Just a quick personal note...we arrived in Ecuador without fanfare or problems. We've barely settled into our temporary apartment and it looks like we'll be in our permanent home by next weekend. We bought a used stove, sectional sofa, coffee table and dining set in the last two days.

Today we visited our new home - it's HUGE! And there is a ton of LIGHT! And we will need a fan or two for the warmer weather like we're having now.

Tomorrow we take delivery of the refrigerator, TV & stand, dishes, microwave, canister vacuum and stove. Before the week is out we'll get the living and dining room furniture delivered.

Tuesday we get our Visas registered here, then we can start the cedula process.

So busy, busy, busy....promise to write more when I'm not so tired. LOL!


  1. Lovely to hear it went with no problems. Take care and sleep... then write and keep us updated on your fab life. Will we see you at A-Z next year? xx

  2. How cool that you've moved to Ecuador! The closest I've been is PerĂº, but I hear amazing things about its northerly neighbor. Hope you have a wonderful time there, and I'll be looking forward to the updates :)


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