Monday, September 29, 2014

Motivation Monday: Failure

I confess, I am both a worrier and a planner (although over the years I have gotten better at not obsessing over either one). They do sort of go hand in hand:
"I am prepared for the worst, but hope for the best." - Benjamin Disraeli
Early in life this mean I was never impetuous, I always had to plan things out, consider all contingencies, before I could take action. But there is a fine balance that should be maintained and with age often comes wisdom. I know better WHEN I need to plan (or over plan in some folks eyes) and WHEN I can got for the gusto!

Are you a planner? A worrier? A spur of the moment kind of person? How has it impacted your life and do you see your behavior changing as you grow older?


  1. It's a little off point, but this is what your post brought to mind.

    When I was young, I obsessed over making decisions. I had to make lists of pros and cons, research all the possibilities, seek out the opinions of others. As though it would ensure an "objective" decision (whatever the heck that is). As though it would somehow guarantee that I would arrive at the best of all possible decisions. As though my life would be utterly ruined if I somehow got it wrong. Nothing wrong with those things, of course. But I now realize that they are really just ways of helping me recognize what I really want to do anyway. The heart already knows. The head is sometimes a little slower to come around, and needs a little help.

    1. Good point - it's amazing how much we learn as we age. ;)


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