Thursday, September 4, 2014

WPA 2014 (Writers' Police Academy)

I made it! We flew the red eye from Guayaquil, Ecuador into Miami after a four hour taxi ride from Cuenca. The flight was uneventful, the weather was good, we saw family but time was short, drove to our property in TN and got settled in....all the gory details are in my personal blog.

I left after lunch yesterday, headed to Greensboro, NC for the WPA (Writers' Police Academy) conference. Now checked into the hotel and will be registering shortly. WOOT!!! Excited for sure....


  1. Love hearing about your trip. Hope you have a great time and plan more stories.

  2. Hi Donna! I had to laugh when I read your IWSG post! Missing! I had to miss last month because I was traveling and had no access to the internet for a lot of the time. I hope you have fun at the WPA! You post reminded me of how much I miss going to good conferences. I used to go every year to the Colorado Council of the International Reading Association. It was always fun to meet with the authors who were presenting. A number of times I helped my sister (an author) present her two books. Maybe I'll have to go to a writers conference instead of an educators! Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  3. How exciting! I'd love to do a WPA conference.


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