Wednesday, January 7, 2015

#IWSG Jan 2015: Adventurous

Can you believe it's 2015 and time my first IWSG post of the year? Here in Ecuador summer is in full swing, the weather is beautiful and I'm enjoying every minute.

I sincerely hope to get back to working on my novels this month but the theme for this month's Insecure Writer's Support Group is ADVENTUROUS.

Over the last few years I've been called adventurous because I: sold everything and bought a used RV, traveling the country solo; traveled the US solo on my motorcycle, 27k miles through 42 states; and more recently, moving to Ecuador for a few years, a country where I don't speak the language.

I hate roller coasters, I am a creature of habit, I can be persnickety at times, I'm a planner and love to research things before doing them, I don't like gambling or taking major risks. I don't consider myself adventurous - these were all well researched and planned adventures.

So what does the word ADVENTUROUS mean to you? Do you think you're at all adventurous or more the timid mouse (which I've always applied to me)?


  1. You sound pretty adventurous to me, even if you did research everything in advance. In my mind, people who gamble, take major risks, and do so blindly aren't adventurous... they're reckless.


  2. I'm with James. What you've been doing the past few years qualifies as adventurous in my book. And I say more power to you!

  3. I think that's totally awesome! One day, when my kids are grown and gone- I'm going to be adventurous too! It will be my empty nest cure.

  4. My first inclination was to say that I'm more mouse these days, but then I realized that I've been taking tons of chances this year, stepping outside my comfort zone, so I guess I am a bit adventurous. I do have to say that researching it first doesn't mean you aren't adventurous. It just means you're prepared.

  5. I think being adventurous is a mindset where you're willing to try new things and step out of the norm. Doesn't necessarily imply risk-taking, but having the willingness to be open to new things. In that way, you are definitely adventurous in my book!

  6. Thank you all for the great comments, you've helped me look at myself in a different light. Happy New Year!!

  7. That's really odd how on the surface it would seem you're adventurous, but you're secretly a planner - and persnickety! lol I'm a bit like that too. I'm never afraid to do anything, but I always try to make the best, most well-informed decisions I can. Great post!

    BTW, I’ve taken over hosting the Celebrate the Small Things hop, and we have a new linky for 2015. You can drop by my blog and sign up, so hop members can see your link and continue visiting you.



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