Friday, May 29, 2015

May 29th: 2015 Big Dreams, Big Goals Update

If you have been following my blog for a while, you know I seriously fell down on keeping up with my 2014 goals. I love participating in the goal tracking though, so thought I should set up a few new ones for 2015 (or at least modify the existing ones). So here goes....
  1. Write books 3 & 4 in my Klondike Mystery series.
    Well, this is on hold even though this was my main goal for 2015. Why? Read #2....
    Progress: none

  2. Write at least one novel/novella in the new A Set of Rules Mystery Series
    This new character has been talking to me for almost six months. My thought is to have shorter stories rather than full length novels. These should be a fun, quirky read!
    Progress: Started my Scrivener project, got photos for several characters, doing background research, hope to put pen to paper next week!!!
  3. Continue with the monthly newsletter
    Now that I'm slowly building up my subscriber list, I need to keep this on time and interesting.
    Progress: May done! (Have been told that having almost 300 subscribers with almost 100 that open it is a good ratio.)
  4. Continue my Monday Motivation posts
    Folks seem to enjoy these and I enjoy writing them, so I will continue!
    Progress: I haven't missed posting one yet, still trying to use more of my own photos for this.
May has seen me catch up on blogging (personal and professional), change the type of posts I'm blogging here, and get more serious about my next novel. It's been a busy month with new folks moving here to Cuenca, Ecuador (lots of meet 'n greets) as well as our starting Spanish classes. June will be busy, too, but I'm hoping with the number of blog posts scheduled ahead, I can find a bit more time to write fiction.


  1. It's always so strange how talkative characters can derail our best laid plans. All the best with your writing!

  2. Yes it is...and so persuasive!

  3. Best wishes on your goals. You're good to lay them out. I know I ought to put mine to paper to focus me. All I need to do is take one deep breath and commit. :-)
    The View from the Top of the Ladder
    Take 25 to Hollister

  4. Thanks, I sometimes feel like I'm making no progress but then when the end of the month rolls around, I realize I actually have. But probably not on what I thought I should be doing...

  5. Good luck on your goals. I'll be back to check on your Monday Motivation posts. I'm in desperate need of motivation right now.

  6. It's good to know when to change goals. An interesting new character is pretty good motivation. Good luck with the new series, sounds intriguing.

  7. Thanks for stopping by, Beth. I hope you enjoy my Motivation Mondays. They vary quite a bit, it's what usually strikes my interest.

  8. Thanks, Ruth. So far she's been an inspiration!


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