Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Technical edge? What technical edge?

Cartoon Sick Face clip artI'm not sure when it happened. I used to be an early adopter. As soon as I read about a new gadget, I just had to have it. New software, new computers, new peripherals, new whatever. I reveled in the knowledge that I was "out there", staying on the technological edge.

I worked with computers back when they took up a whole room and no one had heard of a personal computer. I was in the field when few women were interested. Quick to adopt the "new", I learned to adapt quickly. I laughed at jokes about flashing numbers on video recorders. I snickered at those who sneered that they would never use an answering machine. I smiled when listening to gripes about how difficult it was to use their new device. I was the queen, I ruled.

Then one day I realized that I was losing the edge. Commercials left me wondering what they were selling. Why was that person wearing headphones and dancing? My Palm Pilot languished in a drawer while I noted events in my paper pocket calendar. GPS and geocaching were foreign terms. Why in the world would someone want satellite radio?

Determined to get my edge back, I started out with an MP3 player. Very proud that I got one with removable memory so I could store more songs, I brought it home and opened the package. I had no idea what to do next. Several readings of the documentation, I figured it out. Phew!

From there I moved to installing my own wireless network. Piece of cake...I'd worked in the computer industry for years. Yeah, right! After spending an hour on the phone with a 19 y/o son of a friend of a friend, it was up and running.

The purchases continued as did the confusion. New DVD players/recorders, GPS devices, satellite radio, programmable kitchen appliances....I read the instructions. I muddled my way through...sometimes it was like reading Greek. But in most cases I managed to get things set up.....finally.

Then it came time to change something....or the power flickered and I need to reset my options....or the government changed daylight savings time. And once again I realized that I can't make the change without digging out the instructions and starting all over again. Wondering if I will ever find the instructions for the neat atomic alarm clock and be able to finally set the alarms!

When planning my move to Ecuador, it was time to learn about media streaming, Roku boxes, Magic Jack, Ooma boxes, VPN services - I quickly assigned that task to my husband.

I've become one of those I used to smile at and snicker about.....I'm now technologically challenged and use my son and grandkids for help. Sigh....


  1. As we were beginning to slow down as humans, the technology race ran passed us. I believe it is ok to use our kids and grandkids, they need the practice to stay sharp. hehehehe

  2. Funny how quickly this happened...LOL!

  3. Strange, I used to be able to write code, now I am lucky if I can update my calendar.

  4. I know exactly what you mean! LOL!

  5. ROFLOL. I know the feeling. Spent 45 years in
    the computer biz. Started out as a Customer Engineer (hardware)
    then moved over to the software side. Have been retired for nearly
    five years and although I do still read the tech blogs, I just
    can't keep up anymore. I absolutely HATE troubleshooting WIFI (I
    tried to add a new repeating station and couldn't get it to work)
    and computer problems. I haven't created a web page in years now.
    (Although I did troubleshoot a Javascript problem for my sister's site.) And, I still help the guy that took over my Perl
    web apps when I retired on occassion.

  6. I still do very basic website design for friends (and personal needs) but avoid scripting whenever I can. Networking stuff? Never been a fan. LOL!

  7. I still like a car in which I can roll down my window with one of those metal doo-hickeys. :-)

  8. I, too, turn to my husband for the technical stuff. But I'm a whiz with WordPerfect and Word. Years of work as a legal secretary, you better be a whiz!


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