Monday, July 20, 2015

Motivation Monday: Family


Many of us remember those early years, finding work, making enough money to keep an old car going, the stress of a new baby added to the mix.

My grandson, on my late husband's side, and his girlfriend are the ones needing a bit of a helping hand. They moved from Colorado to Florida to live temporarily with her mother, until they can get their feet under them.

Just before they left, she was hospitalized with labor pains. The hospital care got them stopped but she then had to fly to Florida leaving him to drive alone. The night he was to leave, the car broke down.

Car fixed, both of them now in Florida, little Oliver decided to make his appearance almost 6 weeks early. He is now in NICU, mother is home and dad is working.

BUT, the car has completely died. Her mother has started a GoFundMe page in an attempt to help them get enough cash for a decent car or a down payment on one.

I know money is tight for everyone, but every $5 helps. Thank you!

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