Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Simple Pleasures

Written back in 2006 but still applies...

Flower 33 clip artThe sound of thunder woke me around 2 am....after 15 minutes or so of listening to it, I stumbled out of bed and unplugged the computer. [Note to self - backup files ASAP] Hit the bathroom and then tumbled back into bed, sure I would fall right back to sleep.

NOT! After laying there for an hour, wide awake, I got up. Thus you now find me at the keyboard...

I love the sound of thunder but especially when mixed with the sound of rain. When Mike and I owned our cabin in PA, we enjoyed hearing the rain on the tin roof over our pavilion. It soothed us both. Rainy days never depressed me, they always seemed to be call for curling up in a comfy chair with a good book and a soothing drink.

There are many simple pleasures that bring me joy....hearing a baby laugh, watching children play with puppies, seeing a pretty sunrise or sunset (although I have to admit to seeing many more sunsets than sunrises), hearing a passing motorcycle, feeling the sun warm me on a chilly day, sharing time with family and friends, seeing a bluebird or cardinal or hummingbird or even listening to doves cooing in the back yard. I love the smell of strawberries, cinnamon and vanilla....they all make me smile. Baking bread is a feel good smell. Watching a "feel good" movie always helps my spirits - love to see the underdog come out on top.

Guess I'm a simple person with simple tastes that allow me to enjoy simple pleasures. What are your simple pleasures?


  1. The simple things are the best, but too often we don't take the time to enjoy things. Thanks for reminding me. :)


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