Monday, January 18, 2016

Housekeeping Hints

I ran across a good blog recently, useful enough that I wanted to share it. The title is "3 Things To Do Now To Start 2016 Off Right".

I already do the first one by keeping all my writing on Dropbox (syncs everything between my MacBook and iPad, and will sync updates from the Chromebook app, Writebox, when I have Internet access); by using an external hard drive for automatic backups using TimeMachine (Mac); by using Carbonite for offsite backups.

I really need to work on the second item. I have so many copies of my first two Klondike mystery books - thinking about getting a new edit done and only keeping that version.

Number three is a no brainer for me...not a clutter person. LOL!

What are your writing tips to help productivity in 2016?

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