Monday, January 4, 2016

Welcome 2016!

2016 has already started, I hope the new year is treating you well. As I said in my last post, I plan to go back to posting weekly. I thought Mondays would be a good choice, so here you go! Oh, and I plan to resume my first Wednesday of the month Insecure Writer Support Group posts - I miss those and hope you have, too.

I have a busy year ahead: nine cruises (including Hawaii and Europe, both first time trips), two weddings, several out of town guests and a lot more. But I hope to really buckle down and get some writing done.

First on the list is finishing the seven middle school short stories that I started with I wrote Monday Midnight Madness [Book One of 7 Days of Seven: Short Story Snacks]. I have completed the second story and am 85% done with the third. Since these aren't real long, I hope to get them done quickly and contract for my new custom covers. Watch for updates, either here (click the follow links in the right hand column or by following me on Amazon (click the FOLLOW button under my photo on my Amazon author page).

Once that is done, I will be getting back to book three in my Klondike mystery series, "Almost a Touch". I know it is way overdue and once that is done, I can get some writing done on my new Lia Rules series.

Fun, fun! Here's to an amazing year for all of us!

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