Tuesday, April 17, 2018

A to Z: O - Occasion & Oath

My A to Z Challenge: Flash fiction written using two words and a photo for inspiration. How did I chose the words? First I brought up a noun list for each letter, then averted my eyes, scrolled the mouse down, stopped and double-clicked. That was the word! The second word was chosen the same way but from a dictionary list of words.
NOTE: Photos are from free to use photo sites such as and No attribution necessary.

"Cheers!" The duo clinked their beer bottles and sat on the rock to enjoy the setting sun.

"I really didn't think we'd make it, did you?" Clay turned to his best friend since kindergarten, Rodger.

"Nah, between the drugs and crime in our neighborhood, I thought we'd be dead before we made it out of high school."

Clay took a swig from his bottle, then set it between his knees. "You remember the oath we took?"

Rodger became pale. "You mean...?"

Clay nodded.

"You aren't serious. We were just kids." Rodger shivered, thinking about the agreement they made over twenty years ago.

"This is the perfect occasion, don't you think?" Clay chuckled and winked.

"Not really. I could go the rest of my life without doing it."

"C'mon. Don't be a wimp. We pinky swore and shared blood. Remember?"

"How could I forget? I still have the scar. Look!" He held open his palm, then scratched it. "And it still itches."

"Let's finish our beers and then do it. We promised we'd do it on the year we both turned thirty and here we are."

Rodger wasn't convinced. "I say we finish our beers and then go get some more."

"Where's the adventure in that?"

"I don't need adventure. I have good job, a wonderful girlfriend, a great car. Life is good."

"Good, but BORING!"

"But we were just ten!"

"Rodger, we made an oath." Clay frowned. "I think we both need to do this. No one should break promises. Plus, it's really no big deal."

"I don't know..."

"It'll be over quick and then we never have to speak about it again."

"Are you sure?"

Clay smiled, he knew he was winning the battle.

"Explain to me again why we thought this was a good idea?"

"Because we were ten years old. Remember?"

Rodger sighed and chugged the last of his beer, then set it down.

"Fine! But I am doing this under protest. It's silly and juvenile."

Clay laughed as he stripped off his clothes. "And freeing! Hurry up!"

Within minutes, the duo was streaking across the meadow, stark naked, their laughter resounding with the glee of freedom only known by ten year old boys. 

Stay Calm and Read Flash Fiction!



  1. The way you pick your words is a great exercise in inspiration. Another nice combo today. Your choice of pictures, they are stunning. Isn't it great what stuff you can find out there to use? happy tapping.

    Pulp Paper & Pigment-My Fiber Art Blog

    1. I don't think I could do as well without the photo inspiration. Sometimes picking one takes a while, but the effort pays off. Thanks!

  2. Oh what fun! But not this time of year.

    What a pleasure it was to read my way back to your A post in this delightful series.

    1. Since we had snow yesterday here in TN, I know what you mean. Thanks so much for dropping by and taking time to read all the way back to the letter A.

  3. Ten year old's oaths aren't as bad as twenty year old's bravado after a few beers. I remember being at a rodeo dance and announcing that the next day if a contestant was going to turn out a bull without riding him, I would. The next day, someone turned out old Spider. Luckily, I knew that bull and why they didn't attempt to ride him. Plus, I was sober by then. I didn't attempt to ride him either.

  4. Nicely done. I don't remember taking any oaths when I was 10. Good thing it was just streaking and not something more dangerous!

    Janet’s Smiles

    1. I toyed with the idea of something serious...then went for the silly fun!


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