Saturday, April 28, 2018

A to Z: Y - Yarn & Yesterday

My A to Z Challenge: Flash fiction written using two words and a photo for inspiration. How did I chose the words? First I brought up a noun list for each letter, then averted my eyes, scrolled the mouse down, stopped and double-clicked. That was the word! The second word was chosen the same way but from a dictionary list of words.
NOTE: Photos are from free to use photo sites such as and No attribution necessary.

"Beth, bring me the yarn scraps, the ones in that wooden bucket."

"Where are you, Mama?" Twelve year old Betheny hurried to do her mother's bidding.

"In the sun room, honey."

"Here they are." She set the basket of scraps in her mother's lap, on top of the blanket covering her legs. "How are you feeling today? Can I get you something to drink?" After her mother's diagnosis with cancer, she had stepped into the role as head of household. Her brother was only six and didn't really understand why their mother didn't do any of the cooking or cleaning. But since he idolized his older sister,  he did what he could to help out, too.

"No dear, I'm fine. I brought my water with me." She brushed her fingers through her daughter's hair. "Your hair is getting so long. We'll need to cut it soon." She patted the sofa beside her. "Come sit with me."

"But Mama, I have chores-"

"They can wait. I will help you later. I want to teach you something my mother taught me and her mother taught her."

Bethany sighed, worried her mother was regressing mentally. "You showed me yesterday, Mama." She gently took the scraps from her mother and set them back in the basket.

Her mother frowned. "I did? Oh, I don't remember. Flowers. I was going to show you how to make little flowers with the yarn. Then you can sew them on your dresses like my mama did on mine."

"I remember. You showed me your dresses in the photo album. You were so pretty." Seeing the frown on her mother's face, she made a decision. "Here are some yarn scraps. Can you show me how to make the flowers?" She put the yarn back in her mother's hands. "I really like this color. Don't you?"

The smile on her mother's face wiped away some of the signs of her illness. "Oh my! That would be wonderful. Did I tell you my grandmother taught my mother and she taught me?"

Beth nodded, not trusting her voice.

"And now I can teach you." Her mother concentrated on starting the first flower, demonstrating each step she made.

"Beautiful, Mama. I will treasure these forever." She quickly wiped away a tear before it was noticed.

Stay Calm and Read Flash Fiction!



  1. This is a very moving tale. I remember the time when my mon's mental abilities started degenerating; it was heartbreaking and I was already in my sixties. I can imagine how much worse it will be for a young girl.

    1. Thank took me by surprise as I wrote it.

  2. As I age and see my own Mama slow down I remind myself I will not always have her to "irritate" me or retell me things she has already told me a gazillion times. Beautiful story.

    1. Oh so true. I lost my mother in 1985 and it still seems like yesterday!

  3. Really hits home as I am at the moment caring for my 94 year old mom who just had a stent placed and a toe amputated. Nicely done with the words and the picture!

    Janet’s Smiles

  4. Aaawww - my Mom wasn't much into knitting, crocheting and the like, but she liked that I was painting.
    Enjoy your weekend, one more letter to go!

  5. Ooh, this one touched a very tender place in my heart.


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