Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Letting the adrenaline high abate....

Well, I did it. I wrote 50k words in a month, or to be more exact I wrote 50k words in nineteen days. I got my validation from Camp NaNoWriMo on Sunday. It was exhilarating and exhausting and the novel still isn't completely written. I think there is still another 10-15k before the first draft is done.

Then comes the fun, I figure with one month to write it, I'll spend three months in the editing/proofing of it. A lot of work ahead but my goal is to get it published on Amazon sometime in November. Phew!

My time is still not all my own. Like today, I'm not really here at home writing this blog. No, I'm off to pick up my motorcycle - two new tires. Of course that means I need to ride a bit. Then tomorrow I work on what we call de-oozing. When your RV is parked for a while, things sort of ooze out of place and have to be put back before you can move.

Friday we're moving, headed from our property in TN to an RV Rally in OH. Those five days will be filled with friends, seminars, eating, laughing and lots more...not much writing time at all. After that we'll move up to Elkhart, IN for a couple of weeks. I'll have more writing time...finally...while we wait to get some repairs done.

So in the meantime, I'll just continue to let my Camp NaNoWriMo adrenaline rush abate a bit. It's going to take a while to get back into the old daily routine - emails, Facebook, Twitter, blog reading, blog writing, and so on. Bear with me!


  1. Well done! I'm impressed! 3 months to edit/proof? I'm only now working on the draft I did for Nano 2010.. Writing's the easy bit for me. All my insecurities, wondering if it's worth it, come when I try to edit. Enjoy the RV Rally. xx

  2. Congrats! I've attempted NaNoWriMo a couple of times, including CampNaNo last year, but failed to hit the goal both times. This year, I'm fortunate enough to have a more generous writing schedule than before. I've decided to let CampNano pass, but when November comes around I'm going to tackle it hard!

  3. Congratulations! I'll have finished mine soon, can't wait for my time to be my own again! :)

  4. Wow congratulations speed demon! I wish had editing that under my wing! Anticipating seven or six months more.

  5. Congrats to you Donna, I'm sure it will be great! Version 1 of Torch Ginger was a Nano book...course, I had to edit the hell out of it, lost more words to that than anything before or since, but it was a fun month at the time.
    Toby Neal

  6. Congratulations! What an achievement!


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