Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Quick update from Camp NaNoWriMo

I now have DSL on our property. WOOT!!! Means I can write from home, no more McDonald's...at least not as a requirement for interner. LOL!

Oh, the book is coming along, too. Should hit my goal of 50k in plenty of time to qualify as a winner at Camp NaNoWriMo. Then the hard work starts....editing. ;-)

You can see that I have been staying pretty much on the necessary daily average. I've written on 15 actual days for a current total of 35,490 words. Today was a really slack day, had insomnia last night so napped off and on all day. Tomorrow will be a better day.

So what have I learned so far? I learned that I can write without an outline but I do need to keep a running timeline from the first sentence. Otherwise I lose track of what happened on what day. I also need to keep notes of things to not forget - don't want to leave any characters hanging.

I've added a dead body, arson, a surprise visit from an ex-fiance, a pregnant teen and more. Oh, and I already figured out the dead body for the next book as well as the title. Yup, definitely having fun. Maybe I'm more of a pantser than I thought.

I appreciate those who have continued to stop by and read my pre-scheduled blog posts as well as leaving their favorite quotes. Thank you!


  1. Love the list of book inclusions, AND that you already have a spare dead body for another book!

  2. Spoiler alert: The butler did it!

  3. You have done well. I am playing catch up all day, but think I will just make 50K on time. Nice job.

  4. Donna, full charge ahead you are! Thats a ton of writing in a short time plus sounds like a wicked fun book! Someday I will do this challenge :)


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