Sunday, January 20, 2013

Our pets and their health/safety

Our motorcycle riding pup
Miss Sadie

Dropping in a personal post today and if it helps save just one pet, it's worth it. Hopefully most of you have already read about the illnesses and deaths being attributed to chicken treats manufactured in China. They have been killing our cats and dogs for close to two years now.

In November the FDA finally released a warning but said they wouldn't issue a recall until they could identify a contaminant. More recently over 500 animals have been identified as victims of poisoning by these treats. Here is the FDA warning page.

Yesterday I was telling hubby about a friend with a cat that had gotten sick from chicken jerky treats and I was surprised that these were still available since deaths have been on-going for a while now. When he was out running errands, he stopped in one of the dollar type stores to pick up a few things. He decided to check out the pet treats and found that 95% of what was on the shelves was from China. One brand mentioned the AKC and it was from the USA.

Today as I researched this problem, I found a page that listed three major brand namesat the top of the FDA warning list:
  • Waggin’ Train Jerky Treats or Tenders (Nestle Purina)
  • Canyon Creek Ranch Jerky Treats or Tenders (Nestle Purina)
  • Milo’s Kitchen Home-Style Dog Treats (Del Monte Corp)

One of those names sounded very familiar to me so I check out our duck and yam treats that we get at PetSmart. Yup, made in China and distributed by Canyon Creek Ranch. Into the trash they went....shows you can't trust a nice looking label and a ranch fresh sounding name.

There are many alternatives for dog treats including veggies and most fruits. Even cooking up a boneless, skinless chicken breast and using some as a treat works.

Please be careful - read labels. Your pets are worth it!


  1. I always read the label to see where it was made regardless of the name or company. I trust no one, especially since Harley got sick 6 years ago. Thanks for the info!! I signed up here to get recall notices by email:

  2. We used to buy the duck treats for Scooter made by Canyon Creek. They went into our garbage as fast as I could throw them out. We are now buying Evanger's which are made in the USA. Much more expensive, of course, but my girls are so much more important.

  3. So glad my husband, Paul, told me to read this this morning. I will check all Bella's treats and throw out anything and everything that says China. I don't care if they are on the list or not.


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