Friday, August 2, 2013

Five Friday Facts for August 2nd

Short and sweet this week....
  1. A few frustrations this week as I battled the incoming paperwork for our Ecuador visas and argued with Caremark, our mail order prescription service. But I came out on top...I think!
  2. Did you know that Amazon has a list of ALL the ebooks you've purchased/downloaded and you can see them by Read, Reading, Hope to Read, and Stopped Reading? I went through and marked my Stopped Reading books to either Read or Hope to Read. Interesting page - CLICK HERE.
  3. I ordered the last of our gear for our two month motorcycle trip on Route 66. Convertible pants for both of us (mesh/regular/quilted liner). We ended up with Tourmaster Flex Textile pants. Hope they fit. For me it was a tank bag for me - I did a lot of analysis in size since I don't want it too large or too tall, plus it had to have a handle so I can snatch it off the bike and carry it. Finally settled on this one, it will replace my purse for the trip and be a handy spot for sunglasses, tissues, candy, phone, etc.

  4. I FINISHED THE FIRST DRAFT of  Barely a Spark on the last day of July. One month - now the fun begins, Second draft, edits, proofing, more edits, beta readers and hopefully - MAYBE - publishing near the end of August. Over 62,000 words written, how many will remain after the editt? Any quesses?
  5. I find I am more productive in my writing endeavors when I leave the house. So I've been spending a LOT of time in the local McDonald's. (Don't laugh, both Not a Whisper and Home Again were written this way. I've been approached by two managers and three customers, asking if I was writing a book. Needless to say, I handed out cards to them all.

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