Friday, August 9, 2013

Five Friday Facts for August 9th

Strange week...not sure why?

  1. Really tried hard to get the book edited, I think the time crunch is what's hurting me. I still hope to get it published in a month but am doubting now that it will happen. Feeling bad for my readers who are waiting impatiently. Had two totally non-productive days, at least professionally. Did get a lot of niggling little chores done thought. Guess that should count? Sigh....
  2. Cut down 49 Harley-Davidson t-shirts that are getting made into a queen sized blanket. Not a quilt but still very nice. Great price, $199, and it benefits a great organization. Check it out at Project Repat.
  3. I'm starting to pre-schedule guest posts for Sept/Oct when I will be traveling and not posting. If you're interested in a guest spot, post a comment with your email addy and I'll send you the details. [I'll delete the comment once I have saved your information so you don't get spammed.]
  4. I had really hoped to get back into some flash fiction but have too much on my plate right now. Sigh...maybe next year? Heck, I might even do the April A to Z blog challenge again!
  5. Wondering why my little snuggly puppy went. She turned three yesterday.


  1. Aww! Your dog is so cute!

    And it's better to take your time on a project than just rush it to get it out there. Readers will understand. :)


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