Thursday, May 15, 2014

Why is it? Never mind, just have fun!

As soon as I decide to cut back on blogging, I get a gazillion ideas on what to post! Couldn't resist this one...

Brick books on a blue staircase

Brick books on a blue staircase. source:

Nifty idea for repurposing old bricks - turn them into books! Seriously...whether you use them indoors or outside in your garden, the look is incredible.

Read the full article about Aussie artist, Daryl Fitzgerald of Light Reading Melbourne, and see how to make you own: Repurposed Bricks Make Beautiful Books


  1. Very COOL idea! If I get a house again, I'll certainly create a few of those for my garden...

  2. They look good! Maybe you could build a whole summerhouse or something out of bricks.


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