Friday, August 1, 2014

Celebrate the Small Things: Conversion

As part of my new initiative for my blog posts, I have joined VikLit's Celebrate the Small Things - something to post on Fridays.

I may post something about writing, something personal, something random or even all the above.

Or if I have a REALLY off week, I might just post a photo. ;)
  1. My conversion from PC to Mac has been relatively painless! Yippee!! I think I have all my files moved over, I have found replacement software (for the most part) for my favorite programs and am working on getting my backup software, Carbonite, transferred. Then I have to get my Scrivener subscription (available for both PC and Mac) transferred.

    Some of the new software I have installed (some free, some not):
    • Apimac Notebook - helps replace my old Jarte editor as well as being a basic HTML editor which replaces my Araneae and also stores a lot of snippets I reuse that were stored in ClipCache Pro
    • Tincta - a better text editor than the native one on the Mac, at least to me
    • CopyLess Lite - clipboard extender to replace the basic functions of ClipCache Pro, working well but I may opt for the pay version
    • Classic FTP - works well so far, haven't had to use it a lot so not sure if I will move to the pay version
    • Image Bucket Pro - allows me to do batch file resizing and other image manipulation, still learning
    • Image Well - not liking this at all, thinking it's getting trashed since I think I can do most of what I need with the native Preview and Image Bucket Pro
    • Chrome - sorry, not a fan of Safari, plus this brought all my bookmarks and add-ons over
    • Sunrise - we are in LOVE with this calendar software that syncs perfectly with my Google calendar as well as my iPad
    • Thunderbird - I tried the native mail software but just not a fan since I have multiple accounts and personalities, just copied and moved my profile, worked great!
  2. Got both our HP InkJet and new Brother Laser printer set up and working. We can print color, scan and copy on the Inkjet and print black, double-sided on the laser. Happy campers!
  3. Have had two wonderful outings with friends, old and new. The first was to Valley Farm Butchers in neighboring town Paute last Saturday. The second was to La Yunta, sort of an Ecuadorian Cracker Barrel. Haven't uploaded photos yet except for two planters I got on our stop at a wonderful nursery. We had been to both the small in-town store as well as the larger original but this trip we stopped at a gorgeous nursery first before visiting the original store. On both outings we had delicious meals! The cost? Valley Farm was $15 per person and La Yunta was $12 - this included our transportation as well as our meal (and drinks at La Yunta). WONDERFUL times!

    Here are the two planters - $14 total, one in a clay dish and one in a glass bowl. Love them!!
Next week my hubby is doing another furniture workshop so I plan on starting in on the third Klondike Mystery book, Almost a Touch. I keep getting emails from readers wondering when it will be out! (Thank the way.)


  1. Congrats on what sounds like a fairly smooth setup and transition! I'm not a fan of Safari, either, and have Chrome on my iPhone. Really like the new plants/planters. Sounds like a productive and fun week. Here's to many more! Thanks again for turning me on to this blog hop. I'm enjoying it.

    1. Glad you are enjoying it! I've been so busy that I haven't done too well the last couple of weeks. Not sure how much better I'll be the rest of the year but you can be sure there won't be a lack of things to celebrate!

  2. That's great about your computer transitioning! That can be a real hassle. Those planters look nice. I've always found cacti interesting. Have a great weekend!

    1. Hi Lori, thanks for stopping in. I'm sure there will be challenges ahead but so far it's not been bad at all and I REALLY like the MacBook Pro!


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