Monday, August 4, 2014

Motivation Monday: Travel

I admit it, I have an issue with this. It's very hard for me to be spontaneous. I'm a planner, but once I have my plans then I'm ready to go! I try to relax and go without plans but it never seems to work.

I do much better with the second part of this, not being intent on arriving. Once traveling I can just go with the flow - for the most part. LOL!

What about you? Can you pick up and go on a trip without planning? How do you translate this to your daily life?


  1. By nature, I'm a planner/plotter... organisation is very important to me.
    However, I'm not averse to a bout of spontaneity!

    1. Me, too, but it is much harder for me to give in to the spontaneity. LOL!


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