Saturday, August 2, 2014

REJECTION - #SaturdayScenes #SSFlashFiction #SSDBMcNicol

This is my post for #SaturdayScenes.
I hope you enjoy it and will come back next week for another #SSFlashFiction tale!

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“Listen to me! It’s not going to work.” He tossed one last retort over his shoulder before slamming the front door, “I’m done!”

Sheila ignored his outburst and continued painting; transferring her emotions onto the canvas. Reality faded as the colors accumulated on her self portrait. Minutes rolled into hours before she was satisfied. The painting was done. She set the brush back on the table beside her and proclaimed to the empty room, “This is who I am, accept or reject me.”

Her neck cracked as she stood and stretched, realizing how late the hour and the fact she hadn’t eaten all day. On her way to the kitchen she caught a glimpse of herself in the hall mirror. A pale, colorless, and cracked visage peered back at her and she whispered again, “This is who I am, accept or reject me but don’t judge me.”

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