Friday, February 27, 2015

Celebrate the Small Things - Feb 27, 2015

Well, it's Friday and time to write my post for Lexa Cain's Celebrate the Small Things.

As in the past, I may post something about writing, something personal, something random or even all the above.

Or if I have a REALLY off week, I might just post a photo. ;)

#1 My short romance story is done and submitted to the editors! WOOT

#2 We attended the magazine launch party for a new print magazine here in Cuenca, Ecuador. What a blast! Over 500 people attended, about half local and half expats.

Here is the magazine cover (my short story is listed at the bottom left)

Here I was waiting to get my portrait drawn. (standing, orange shawl)

#3 Last but not least, I managed to get through my entire email backlog!

Ahhhh, till next week!


  1. Clearing email is always a reason to celebrate. Congrats on the short story and your accomplishments.

  2. Sounds like your week is going well. Congrats.

  3. It sounds like a great week! Congrats on getting so much done!

  4. Congrats on getting that mystery story published in a brand new magazine! Good luck with the romance short story. I hope the editors accept it. Have a wonderful weekend! :)

  5. Good celebration here. I hope the weekend is fun!

  6. Huge congrats on getting your story done and submitted... got my fingers crossed for you:)


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