Monday, February 9, 2015

Motivation Monday: Self-doubt

photo copyright DBMcNicol
Not just the enemy of creativity, but also the enemy of success. Every time we second guess ourselves, every time we doubt what we are doing, we are chinking away at our goals.

I am guilty of this, even today. Every time I publish a book I worry if it's good enough, will people like it. The first reviews that come in help reassure me but still that doubt lingers.

So how do we dispell the doubts? I found a good article that has helped me address my issues, maybe it will help you as well.


  1. For me self-doubt is best handled by surrounding myself with positive people. In the past people I knew (even family members) could cast a negative note and send me spinning in the wrong direction for days, even weeks. I've learn to accept who I am, and love who I am--big difference. Funny thing, when you do, people change their perspective too. There's more to this faith in God, and God's faith in me, but that's another story! Have a wonderful, productive week, Donna!!


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