Monday, September 17, 2018

"Paradise Dream" - Book four in the C'Mon Inn Mystery Series

I have been working on plotting and characters for book four in the C'Mon Inn Mystery Series, Paradise Dream. This one will provide some back story for the beloved Thompson twins, Anna and Betsy. You will find out how they ended up in Hawaii, why they aren't married, and more.

There will be romance with a dash of mystery this time around. I'm having fun figuring out all the ins and outs as well as s sub-plot or two. Lucia, Nicky, Ray and a few others from book three will be included as well as the lovable Polo who is now a fully grown Boxer.

I had fun looking for photos (these are all thanks to my favorite site, to represent Anna and Betsy growing up. This is what I ended up with. Starting as toddlers, into elementary school, on to teens and then as young adults.

And this was their vehicle on their way to their first grand adventure as young adults, fresh out of high school in 1969.

Can you guess where they were headed?


  1. Cool! I love reading about the writing process, as I figure out what works for me or not. So far, I keep my characters visual in my head, but maybe I need to change that.

  2. I do best with visual aids for characters and locations. When I get stuck, they help me get unstuck. Because many are just "borrowed" from the internet for my use, I don't share them. These are all from, one of my favorite sites for photos (and I even have some of my own up there for use by others).

  3. This is great. I am so excited for the new book to be published. I am r es ady!.

  4. I used to get email notifications when you posted. I don't anymore. I really would like to get it back. What can I do to get that going again?


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