Friday, September 21, 2018

#AccountaClub: Sep 21, 2018

Reporting in for Isa-Lee Wolf's #AccountaClub. Each Friday we post an accountability update for our current projects/goals/whatever.

Hey, I'm on time this week!
  1. Get the RV cleaned, sorted and prepped for the snowbird season.
    Well, I did get all my clothes (except underclothes) moved into the house and sorted out on the guest bed. I have tried on and sorted through all the pants and sorted out the shirts/blouses I don't care for. Now I have to try on all the other tops and see what doesn't fit or I don't like the way it fits. At that point, cleaning the RV will start but hubby has to get the dryer put back into it's slot. Our washer will stay out until next spring when we will get it fixed somewhere. Sucks that it's fairly new and still not working. Ugh!
  2. Write, edit and publish (ebook only) book four in my C'Mon Inn Mystery Trilogy, "Paradise Dream".
    Did more plotting and even posted a blog with some early photos of what I envision the Thompson twin sisters to have looked like. I started out to work on my notes in Outline but realized I needed to change the name of the notebooks since it's no longer related to the Kindle World. I followed their instructions and now I can't open the new notebook. Eeek! So waiting for support to get back to me, hopefully with good news that it is recoverable.

    UPDATE: Still waiting to hear back but I did recover the section by naming it back to what it was. Now while I wait to hear from support, I will slowly copy over the pages. One downside to this great software is the lack of ability to move pages/sections to another notebook.
  3. Exercise.
    Well, I printed out more instructions on exercises to fight the dreaded hunched shoulder. Mine is getting worse and I suspect both it and my lower back worsening are due to my sitting in the living room working on my laptop. I love that because I can raise the footstool and keep my legs elevated as well as watch a  little tv (at least have it in the background). But I may have to give it up...well, until we are in the RV in the winter. Then the sofa is the only place I have to sit and work.
See you next Friday!

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  1. "Outline" - I'm going to have to look that one up. My husband started using Scrivener when he joined NanoWrimo last year, and he loves its versatility. I see you have that link, so I assume you use it AND Outline? I'm curious what advantages they both have. Now that writing is my avocation, I may need better tools to streamline my process. Although I still love my actual paper notebooks for plotting, research, and character analysis.

    I'm gradually increasing my wordcount goals. I hit 7,000 words last week, and set a goal for 8,000 this week - very reachable. This book is quickly nearing its conclusion, and then I'll get to edit the one I wrote in the summer.


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