Friday, September 14, 2018

#AccountaClub: Sep 14 2018

Reporting in for Isa-Lee Wolf's #AccountaClub. Each Friday we post an accountability update for our current projects/goals/whatever.

Eeek! It's Saturday night and I haven't posted this yet. Gulp...sorry! LOL!
  1. Get the RV cleaned, sorted and prepped for the snowbird season.
    Well, I started by cleaning out my closet as well as my cruise/dress clothes in the guest room closet. The best pants in size 14 went in a drawer, just in case. I did clean out three piles of clothes that I 1) don't care for, 2) know I will never wear, or 3) just don't fit and on the small side. This purge has continued through today, Saturday.
  2. Write, edit and publish (ebook only) book four in my C'Mon Inn Mystery Trilogy, "Paradise Dream".
    Did a lot of plotting this week....I think I have the general gist of where the story will start and end.
  3. Exercise.
    Well, I did ask hubby to show me how to use the Blue-ray so I can start trying my Body Groove exercise. I also did a couple of minutes on our elliptical. Hey, it's a start!
See you next Friday!

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  1. I love how you can always find *something* that steps toward each goal. Because that's what we're doing here. Step by step. Awesome.

    Tonight being my Sunday (and the end of my planner week) I can say I finally achieved 7,000 words in a week! Time to step that up.

    1. 7000 words - awesome!!! You are so step at a time. We'll get there - eventually!


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