Tuesday, April 2, 2019

B - Bird #AtoZChallenge

My A to Z Challenge: Micro fiction, using 300 words or less, inspired by selected words along with a photo for inspiration. The words were chosen in reverse order from this lesson plan page.
(For example, for the letter A it was the 26th word on the list, for Z it was the 1st word on the list)

Had it only been a week? I wasn't sure. It felt like months. The birds had taken over my backyard and the squawking was sending me up a wall. Remember when the irritating kid in class would run his fingernails down a chalkboard and send everyone screaming out of the room?

Well, that was how I felt except leaving the room wouldn't help. Believe me, I'd tried that. And loud music and yelling at them. I'd hung bright balloons and streamers. I'd even gone to the local farm supply store and bought a huge plastic owl. I was truly at my wits end. My friends and neighbors  stopped visiting and my dog refused to go in the back yard.  and the bird poop!

Let me tell you about bird poop. A little bit is no problem, a splash of water and it's gone. Add in a hundred or more birds and you have a major issue. I never realized how often and how much a bird poops! Nothing was sacred...or safe. The last time I'd gone out back it had gotten so thick I needed a paint scraper to make a dent. And the stench! Indescribable, that's all I have to say about it.

I spent hours wishing I could get rid of the birds someway. ANY way! So you can imagine my surprise when I found a flyer in my mailbox advertising a business that guaranteed to rid me of the live birds in my yard. I dialed the number and made an appointment for the following week. Hallelujah! I was saved. One more week of chaos to survive.

I surveyed the aftermath. Hundreds upon hundreds of dead birds littered my backyard. Turns out the business only killed the birds. It was up to me to clean them up. Be careful what you wish for!


  1. The picture reminds me of Hitchcock's movie. That was a scary one. I can't imagine the mess!

    Janet’s Smiles

    1. I had a hard time writing this one...I kept concentrating on the open mouths. Then it hit me....LOL! It was a fun write...

  2. Yikes, I never gave such thought to bird poop before (and maybe never again.) What a disaster to be forced to clean up heaps of dead birds. Hope peace of mind followed. B is for Baltic Amber Tradition

    1. I hope we never have to deal with something like that but I enjoyed the "image" I created. Thanks for dropping by. I'm way behind in reading/commenting but hope to catch up by next week.


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