Tuesday, April 23, 2019

T - Tea #AtoZChallenge

My A to Z Challenge: Micro fiction, using 300 words or less, inspired by selected words along with a photo for inspiration. The words were chosen in reverse order from this lesson plan page.
(For example, for the letter A it was the 26th word on the list, for Z it was the 1st word on the list)

I watched her gnarled hands as she lifted the old tea kettle into the sink and filled it from the hand pump before placing it on the ancient wood stove. Pulling a rusty tin down from a high shelf, she held it towards me. "Choose."

I peered inside and saw several hand-wrapped packets of what I assumed were tea leaves. I pulled out several, sniffed each, and put two back.

She dropped the contents into a teacup, filled it with boiling water, and sat down. I wondered when she would give me the tea. As though she knew what I was thinking, she said, "Three minutes."

I sat and tried to be patient.

"Here." She thrust the tea cup into my hands. "Don't drink all. Leave a little." She sat back and smiled, well, I thought it was a smile. I did as I was told, setting it down on the table between us when there was a little left.

"Hold in left hand. Swirl three times. To the right."

I swirled the contents, mesmerized by the agitated leaves. Some drifted to the bottom, some stuck to the sides. I held the cup towards her but she shook her head. "Upside down on saucer. Slowly."

I followed her instructions, wondering if all the leaves would drop into the saucer but wouldn't that mean it would be a saucer reading?

Again, as though she read my thoughts. "No, leaves stay." This was getting a bit eerie but I was in for the full measure.

Eventually she lifted the cup and peered inside. She looked up at me, eyes wide open. "GO!"



I tried to argue but she pushed me outside the door. What had she seen that so terrified-

My thoughts were cut short by the bullet that killed me.


  1. Something to be said for not knowing the future!

    Nice twist.

    1. Yes there is....and it was obvious the fortuneteller agreed! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Replies
    1. Glad it surprised you! Thanks for taking time to read and comment.

  3. Replies
    1. LOL! I think she knew she couldn't change the future, just foretell it.

  4. It was all going so well until... A brilliant twist Donna.

    My A-Z of Children's Stories

    1. Thanks, Keith. Sometimes the twist comes easily. Sometimes not so much.

  5. Wow. As I sit here drinking my lotus tea, in a world where tea rituals are excruciatingly specific, I did not expect that!


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