Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Coming this week! Stay tuned for #fotoflash

Calling all writers - experienced, new, wannabe.
All you need is a blog!
Check out the details HERE
and come back Friday for the featured foto!

I'm so excited, aren't you!?!
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  1. This looks fun...I'm hoping my comment works, as it is my google account, and didn't that go away with Google+?

    1. LOL - so my comment worked! Being a blog on WordPress, I haven't used my google account for a long time. But, YAY! It worked. If I miss this, please feel free to remind me with a comment on my blog!

    2. You still have a Google account and as you saw, it worked! Only G+ went away. Your account is separate (fortunately since I use Blogger and Gmail

      Will remind you on Friday but you can also subscribe to get an email when a new post is out (I need to add that to this post...), right sidebar!

  2. Okay... I'm already subscribed, but I'm a dysfunctional time traveler. I read Friday and thought I'd missed it somehow. Then I realized it's only just Friday now. But not even yet, for you. I'll have to remember to check in tomorrow!

    1. LOL! Right now the post with the foto prompt will go live on Fridays at 4am ET, if that helps.


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